French Chateau heitland hand 88.8 life FM
2015-5-10 15:11:49
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The Chateau khetran hand Wenzhou local's most famous radio 88.8 life FM radio, in the East ou think tank all enjoy 1980 held red wine poetry appreciation. That night by masters 88.8 host delay and we love grand chief wine trainer & mdash; presided over the Wang Weifeng, under the leadership of the two of them, we were tasting the khetran Knight dry white wine, khetran Knight Cabernet Sauvignon Red wine, Engelhard Oslo Sheng cable, khetran Castle four wines, which by Wang Weifeng interspersed explain, lead you learning how to taste wine, and understand the several characteristics and historical. In wine tasting at the same time, by radio host Fang Xuan, millet, delay, Shu Ming respectively for everyone to poetry brings, let everybody in gustatory enjoyment at the same time, auditory impact! And we love Jue Hill Trading Co., Ltd. (argent Ciel) was established in 2012, the company is a focus on the import and sale of France and other wine enterprises, is engaged in the international wine brands the most professional company. The company is committed to the healthy fashion of drinking culture, to provide customers and consumers with the highest quality products, the most attentive service and the forefront of wine consumption concept. Now the company owns exclusive winery brand SHINE VIRTUE (wine) and more than 6 thousand square of bonded warehouse, independent logistics management team. The original imported a cabinet from the founding of the company, to hundreds of thousands of bottles of the amount of imports today. The establishment of the company has a rapid and steady pace of growth. Our company is adhering to the positive development of the concept of China's wine consumption market. Has made France khetran series, series of gems, Chile Sun Bear Series wine China general agent qualification and to promote its brand in China. Enterprise based on the key: Senior Lecturer WSET returnees, industry consultants, trainers, sommeliers specializes in wine based training, professional wine tasters and academic exhibitions activities; International Trade Commissioner segmented procurement management, follow up, specializing in the import operation. Company also has their own bonded warehouse, improve the logistics management, complete winery brands, and professional international creative team, well versed in Chinese aesthetic design, making our skilled to create differentiated products and brands.