Heitland hand Porsche new 911 Conference
2016-4-25 14:19:53
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The French Chateau heitland to the new Porsche 911 Conference
        1963, the first Porsche 911 was born, not indulge in the past, in order to achieve the future. April 23, let us once again with the legendary refresh legend, khetran winery is a has 900 years of history of the Medoc manor can be traced back to the 12th century in vertheuil Abbey Alexander Pope Pope decree. Chateau adjacent to the San ace TEW and Pauillac appellation, and vineyard is located in a wonderful gravel dominated outcrop, adjacent to some of the world's most famous super Zhuang (Chateau Lafite, Latour Chateau Rucker Luxi winery, etc.). And the French khetran winery was invited to the new Porsche 911 conference sponsorship is a luxury car and wine joint and the khetran winery for sure!