Love prince Hill to take you into the French wine festival once a year
2016-4-11 15:22:20
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   Wine—The birth of history is very interesting. During the Second World War, the Bordeaux castle was short of money, so he started to do the business. After World War II, the castle was destroyed, and the franc continued to depreciate, and it didn't improve until the end of 60s. At that time, Bordeaux has a number of wine (for example, in 1959, and 1961 wine), so they want to use them to change money, reconstruction of wine. However, Bordeaux wine produced after, at least stored for 2 years time to achieve good taste, in this way, although a good bottle of wine there is no way to sell. The wine merchants who come up with a win-win business and let the wine to customers. They sold some of the wine in advance, there is hot money into the pockets. Customers are immediately let wine critic masters horse, allowing them to predict the price of the wine, before the wine is bottled with confidence!

           如今—The wine business has been rich in oil, so the difference between the period of the wine and the near future of wine is far less than that of the year. However, buy wine is still very attractive, because of the low and pre selected, you can make The early bird catches. International investment period of wine, so that investors have fun every year to see. April each year, dozens of professional wine critics will be moving to Bordeaux, these experts will be careful to distinguish all kinds of wine flavor, which can predict prices. Sometimes, they taste but without mixed wine, taste very red, and sour. They face hundreds of kinds of wine, a lot of only a small difference, so it is difficult to test. In this scene, the elegant restaurant will show their wine, but wine is often unmoved.

And the annual Bordeaux wine from the weekend started staged one after another in the winery, let love Jue Hill lead you to shuttle back and forth in in Bordeaux each wine Zhuang.

Wine exhibition, the first day, honoured by many suzerain cordial reception, by catch the characters in Chinese treasure Smith Lafite Daniel suzerain and black Pope Magrez Zhuangzhu photo of the, Chanel group dinner Lu Chen family 98 and Canon 05 exhibiting stunning color.

  Second days &mdash heitland; this performance is still amazing! Scenery pay powervision ~ 2015 year maturity degree is quite high, full bodied and full, acidity than 14 to low, feeling that the ageing potential will be very strong, win a lot of grade 4 Zhuang level 5 Zhuang, James suckling 92~93 points. Latour and dragon Boffi is also quite good.

     Next to the right bank, for right bank this year are given the widespread praise, Pavie, as always, tannin thick, white wine very elegant... Inadvertently try to 2009 Lassegue considerable praise, and the Chateau Lassegue cost victory, better than a lot of one class B, winemakers and Pierre is also American cult wines truth winemaker, wait for the rise. Pavie  macquin and the white horse is also very amazing, quite balanced and elegant, hoping to grab the goods do not have too much!

Of course, one day down not only the Chateau wine tasting, also visited their historical heritage