Rothschild Mouton Eger Hill together in the warm first held official tasting dinner
2016-1-9 9:29:00
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In the cool winter, Wenzhou Hyatt Hui ushered in the year 2016 the first grand dinner —— that is by love Jue hill and Chateau Mouton together Mouton tasting will!   as Mouton Rothschild in Wenzhou only recognized directly partners, we fortune and the world's most famous Rothschild family's undergrowth Paulownia wineries organized they in China in the year 2016 the first official activities, this is the Wenzhou first held Chateau Mouton tasting will!

 Recently, Liv-ex and Drinks Business The
Joint release of the tenth annual 100 most "strong", Mu Tong Rothschild Mouton To become the top brand of the year 2015, this is the second consecutive year in Bordeaux, a winery beat other wines. And Rafi fell out the top ten, because Mouton on liv ex transaction value and the number of outstanding performance, make the brand has achieved good results in all four aspects. Now the brand value of Mu Tong winery has been far ahead of the other four first level!

The wood export director Tong winery —Erwan Le Brozec and the representative of the Chinese region —Wang Wenjia together with its wooden Tong every year together with Eger Hill held the wine tasting! This is not only for sure we and we love Jue Hill's trust, is willing to 2016 and Chateau Mouton together to achieve better results!