French China -- Anhui BengBu Railway Station heitland
2016-5-28 13:54:16
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France last year khetran China let the impression profound, five months of this year, French khetran China set sail again, on 28th sunny afternoon, khetran of France in China in Bengbu, Anhui officially opened

Here is the wine

There's a handsome instructor here

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At the cocktail party by the French Chateau heitland representative to introduce the history of Chateau heitland! And our instructors lead you taste the khetran, intentions to tasting and experience from the French 900 years of history khetran wine!

Khetran winery is a long history of Shang Mei Medoc manor can be traced back to the 12th century in vertheuil Abbey Alexander Pope Pope decree. Chateau adjacent to the San ace TEW and Pauillac appellation, and vineyard is located in a wonderful gravel dominated outcrop, adjacent to some of the world's most famous super Zhuang (Chateau Lafite, Latour Chateau Rucker Luxi winery, etc.).