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2015-4-27 9:53:32
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    Soon 51, Prince Hill specifically for the majority of wine lovers launched in the third quarter in the 51 before loveWSET®Primary training,Don't let the heavy work overwhelm you, we must learn to live, learn to relax, learn to taste life! Don't envy song god sister Liao technology, a quarterlyWSET®Train it, let it take you to learnWineknowledge,masterWinetaste,Make a knowWine,Tasting WineLet you in the road ahead up!


Here vaguely still keep the last quarter of the figure of the training of people

    Okay! The question is, where can I learn the most authentic WSET® knowledge? Let the love of Prince Hill to help you! According to the requirement of customer market awareness of wine, enhance everyone of wine knowledge and ability to appreciate, not as to miss a lot of good wine, we love Jue Hill distinguished youth beautiful beautiful girl.WSET®Senior lecturer Wu Mengni Echo WUtemperature classes. After a few seasons ago training, let many new people to join the WSET® family, in a relaxed and pleasant tasting process for new skills to fully grasp.

   Tell me what you are, you are not a little heart! We want to join this big family love prince? Want to experience the beauty of the tutor's careful training? Come and pay attention to our public number, you only need one step, and the rest ninety-nine!


The new season begins
course arrangement

WSET L1 primarycurriculum

June 4th9:00 am -6:00 pm

Class location

Wenzhou Lucheng Nantang Group No. 1 office 1702 love prince Hill

Registration hotline


474279052@qq.com Mr. Zheng



curriculum:WSET wine and spirit LEVEL 1

Cost:1480 yuan / person Chinese Version (including books, without make-up fees)

Aimed at the crowd:Wine enthusiast and professional practitioners

preparations:French heitland red wine, French wine nose, coolers, a unified certificate issued by the British WSET, universal

支付方式:支付宝 15757169497


 Echo WU

Wu Mengni