Love prince Hill debut in Chengdu rum
2016-3-27 13:42:06
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The ninety-fourth session of the national sugar and Wine Fair in March 24th - 26 in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition center. This is the twenty-seventh held in Chengdu rum. By then, there will be nearly three thousand exhibitors and professional audience of more than 10 million to trade and cooperation.

The sugar and wine will be a total of seven major theme exhibition covering traditional liquor, wine and international spirits, food, beverages, condiments, food machinery and food packaging category. At the same time, within the exhibition and according to the specific needs of products sub category and buyers, divided the imported beer, imported food, catering franchise, rice wine, leisure food, the food machinery, brand agriculture features small area.


 We have exquisite booths


In the hall on the 4th - the international wine and Spirits Exhibition, France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Georgia, Moldova and other nearly 20 countries and Hong Kong area will to tour the exhibition, including we love Jue Hill figure.

We have beautiful SHOW GIRL

We have a wonderful red wine. 

      From the sugar and wine will be held on the first day of the show at the end of the day, our booth attracted the majority of exhibitors, participants in the industry to our booth to communicate. More provincial agency delegation to visit, and the evening of the 24th, khetran Castle rare vintage vertical tasting will is attracted the vast number of customers to appraisal, to experience the khetran winery 900 years of historical precipitation.