Heitland wine in Shanghai Triathlon
2016-5-14 10:11:30
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Today 2016STC iron League Jinshan City Beach Triathlon is about to start!


STC big iron League

    Prelude to the Jinshan City Beach Triathlon will open STC iron league. This year, Shanghai Tieren will match resort in a beautiful scenery, unique, for all sports enthusiasts bring a series of triathlon and multi sport event. And the race in Shanghai Jinshan held by French khetran wine special sponsorship, not only in the celebration dinner to see our wine, and our khetran will send chief trainer and lecturer Wang Weifeng went to the awards!


A wine taster

Wang WeiFeng

Love prince Hill chief lecturer
Wine industry in 8 years
WSET two qualification certificate
CAFA teacher training first
Wenzhou City, the second blind competition

Race route

Event schedule

 For more information, please look forward to Wang Weifeng tomorrow.