2016STC Jinshan Beach Triathlon ended
2016-5-17 9:18:18
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     May 15 (Sunday) morning, 2016 STC iron League Shanghai Jinshan City Beach iron man three race and "Greenland Group Cup" the second session of the city sports finals facing the beautiful sunshine and gentle sea breeze, for the third year in a row in the beautiful Jinshan City Beach for spectators and athletes brought a beach event! The tournament attracted from all over the world more than and 30 countries and regions, a total of more than 800 triathlon athletes.

     This year's Kimama Tetsumi followed it's classic track, players need to starting from the beach, in the ups and downs of the waves to complete the swim stage; then for entry into the bike track gallop in the fresh sea breeze; last running race, players along the track run Shanghai Di, a road running to the Haitian between. And our khetran wine as designated by the sponsor also went to the scene cheer player for you, at the end by the chief trainer, Wang Weifeng for the top three, issued certificates and we provide prizes - khetran castle!

A signature by the championship stage

 In the game, also met a lot of players from Wenzhou, they have successfully completed the race - you are the best!!!