Love prince Hill vertical tasting dinner
2016-3-25 10:29:03
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 On the evening of March 24, will love Prince Hill Trading Co., Ltd. was held in Chengdu bright Yuhao Ya Hotel - khetran castle in France rare vintage vertical tasting.

This is to thank the vast number of customers and dealers in last year's strong support, we deliberately from France intermediate Zhuang - khetran winery airlifted five years of genuine wine, which the old year is now 31 years 1985 year distance!

Hundreds of people attended the dinner at the same time, by virtue of Hill's love jazz industry influence, invited to several heavyweight customers- Thibaut de la haye khetran winery general manager, Mahler-besse wine company in the Asia Pacific region is responsible for people Charles-Henri DUMAS, Borie Manoux export department director Steven WASYLYK,,

     In 2016, love Jue Hill will launch logistics two-dimensional code, the operations center model, online only Xuan wine and other new service projects, explore the innovation of business model. From the past a professional import wine traders, wholesalers in transition and upgrade to become a wine brand service providers, model operators. Establish their own database, accurate customer positioning, acquisition of customer needs, according to the views of customers to improve products, enhance service. Depth mining of new growth points, focusing on brand advantage, to achieve the healthy development of the stock structure. Finally, Chen said the total summary,Enterprises because of their dreams and great, and the dream can not be separated from you, the fruits of success forever belongs to love Jue Hill advance innovation of small partners. In love Prince Hill companies, this 2 years rapid development growth, with talent and your allies continue to join, love Jue Hill's growth momentum will more fast and strong. I believe in China import Wine the long years of history, there must be a bright love prince Hill!