Love Prince Hill Trading Co., Ltd. (argent Ciel) was established in 2011, the company focused on import and sales of international brands of wine trading company. Professional to provide customers with the world's highest price of the world's red wine.


Love Prince Hill Trading Co., Ltd. is by the East arts shoes and Feng shoes, the two companies combined investment, the two enterprises to invest in industry include: real estate, traditional industry and financial industry. They will put the red wine industry as the focus of future investment development.


We are committed to the healthy fashion of drinking culture, for customers and consumers to provide the best quality products, the most thoughtful service and the forefront of wine consumption concept. Now the company's have exclusive Chateau brand only Xuan wine (virtue shine) and more than 6000 square Dongyi logistics public bonded warehouse, can accommodate 160 container of wine.


Since the establishment of the company, and actively expand the Chinese wine consumption market. Has made the French khetran series, the series of gems, Chile sun bear series of wine in China general agent qualification and in China vigorously promote the brand.


Professional has always been the enterprise based on the key: Senior Lecturer WSET returnees, industry consultants, trainers, sommelier, specializes in wine based training professional wine tasting and academic exhibitions activities; International Trade Commissioner segmented procurement management, follow up, specializing in the import operation. Company also has a complete winery brand, at the same time, professional overseas creative team, making our skilled to create differentiated products and brands. Love prince Hill trading company established a long-term and stable business relationship with many well-known wine merchants.


We operate the world various areas of all kinds of wine, including Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Languedoc, Napa Valley, USA, Tuscany, Italy and other old and new world wine, to meet the needs of customers of different styles of wine.

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  • Ross Chai Caier de Chateau Mouton.

  • The only designated wine in the London International Chinese Film Festival

  • Longines equestrian masters designated with wine

  • The official wine Vintage Car Parade

  • The only designated wine feast feast

  • EBEN partner