Friends to "serve the people" for the purpose, is committed to the integration of the Western cultural differences, the spread of the universal value of wine. Through different forms of wine activities, wine friends across geographical restrictions, smooth cultural exchanges, so that more people know and then enjoy the flavor of wine. TALK WE, TALK WINE, we hope to share in the common progress with the people drinking; in the exchange, a better understanding of wine, rich in self.

Wine confidant team by WSET sommelier, WSET certification lecturer, professional set up and, with rich wine consulting, sales and training experience, has successfully held all kinds of wine events, team pay attention to detail, innovative, dedicated to the promotion of wine knowledge and culture. Hope that through continuous exploration and practice, to break through the restrictions of the industry, to open up the audience, to create a more friendly and easy to understand wine exchange. Since the end of 2012 has been founded, wine confidant team now have the mainland's first personal WSET app (WSET certification authority) and certified instructor, it not only provides internationally recognized WSET certification courses, for wine company tailored training and marketing strategy, but also on many occasions to cross industry and development partners combine to learn music and cultural training courses.


Training instructor:


WSET Advanced certified WSET

WSET Approval Trainer for L1 & L2

WSET APP 1st Individual WSET APP in mainland China

Spanish Wine Educator by The Wine Academy of Spain

California Wines Ambassador by CWI

China Area Manager of GRAMONA


Training course:

10 person small class system course

Practical teaching method: small curriculum advocates in practice learning, to create a relaxed and pleasant tasting concept, carry out student interaction link, in interactive learning wine knowledge, through interaction and exchange, share to practical application in the field of wine culture.


Training content:

An overview of common sense, Wine, planting and brewing, taste Wine offers a number of plate and tasting, choice


Store training:

1.staff wine culture training: professional wine knowledge training, to provide early, middle and senior professional WSET grade examination

2.behavior etiquette training: ISG Shi wine division, business etiquette training

3.housekeeping training: financial operations, administration